Why do people choose ecos garden rooms?

Your garden room comes with a fixed price, no hidden expenses and no cost overruns.

Although ecos garden rooms may not be the cheapest, but because of outstanding quality we always deliver great value for money.

We could take your budget as reference and work within it, give us a try!

Our quality is second to none.

Your garden room will be delivered, installed and completed in a fraction of time compared to traditional construction methods.

We promise to arrive on schedule and complete your garden room in time.

Ecos garden rooms are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Our garden rooms are tailored to your needs at no extra cost!

Ecos garden rooms not only thermally insulated but also soundproof.

You will be surprised by quick erection and completion of your garden room.

Ecos garden room requires little or no maintenance at all.

Generally, ecos garden rooms are exempt from planning permission.

An ecos garden room comes with peace of mind.

Ecos garden room will last as long as a house.

Your ecos is not a shed or a log cabin, its another room in your home.

We offer to our customers a complete garden design not only a garden room.

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